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What is Patchwork?
The Patchwork is an English word for: work (work) with pieces of fabric or scraps (patch). It is a technique in which you sew together small pieces of fabric to form a block. And when you sew these blocks together with other blocks, this obtained form is called a "Quilt."

The "Quilt" is a decorative tapestry consisting of the superposition of three layers: a cloth on the front or top “patchwork”, a center, and other clothes in the back, joined together by quilted stitches and edged around.

A Brief History of Patchwork
In response to the need to cover broken patches along history, sewing these together helped people to create many kind of objects: sails, rugs, carpets and clothing. People living in cold areas took advantage of this technique to create quilts or comforters. For even more protection they were stuffed with wool, cotton and even with corn husks or wheat grains.

This technique was also used by the aristocracy and gentry to make tapestries, coats of arms, cloaks, flags and even the bride's trousseau.

Patchwork was used in Europe and some older cultures, but in the United States, at the hands of English immigrants and the Netherlands, this technique became increasingly important, especially in communities like the "Amish" in Philadelphia.

In Spain there has been a history of similar work in La Rioja, called “almazuelas” fruits of the cottage industry that has remained to this day.

The Patchwork as social ritual
The Patchwork is a creation that expresses the feelings, and it conveys the message of all persons who have contributed to its development. In addition to its practical purpose, it is original, creative, beautiful and a labor of optimistic spirit, this is the conclusion of the work and life. It is a link between generations of a family; you can wrap up warm with this, knowing that what you have received will be transmitted to someone else.

Traditionally, women gathered for the wedding quilts for the trousseau of the bride. To finish on time, all good friends concocted a block and later they put them together in joint sessions. Eventually this work became a source of social gathering.

The patchwork is undoubtedly a team effort where we share ideas and help each other.

The Patchwork as an artistic expression
The Patchwork is art, but also entertainment. When we create our Quilts, we talk, listen to music, laugh and forget the burdens of daily life. Thus we get the best of ourselves. All pieces are unique, none is like another. Each one chooses the colors of the fabrics that you like best, the technique for doing so, and once finished, you can add any embellishment or detail to give it a personal touch. The Patchwork is primarily a creative and personal work.